GeoCAT-f2py wraps, in Python, the compiled language implementations of some of the computational functions found under the GeoCAT-comp umbrella.

GeoCAT-comp is the computational component of the GeoCAT project. GeoCAT-comp provides implementations of computational functions for operating on geosciences data. Many of these functions originated in NCL and were translated into Python with the help of GeoCAT-comp; however, developers are welcome to come up with novel computational functions for geosciences data.

Many of the computational functions in GeoCAT-comp are implemented in a pure Python fashion. However, there are some others that are implemented in Fortran but wrapped up in Python. Python codes that calls the Fortran functionality with the help of Numpy’s f2py are handled within GeoCAT-f2py. Therefore, the end users of GeoCAT-comp and/or developers basing their implementations entirely in Python need not concern themselves with GeoCAT-f2py.

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